28 May 2020
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Spring 2020

In this issue:

   Tackling transport emissions at EU level thanks to sustainable urban mobility
by Karima Delli, Green MEP and Chairwoman of the Transport and Tourism Committee

   Transport Decarbonisation
by Herald Ruijters, Director, European Commission, DG MOVE B - Investment, Innovative & Sustainable Transport

   Sustainable bioenergy sector in the EU - force for the green transition
by Jean-Marc Jossart, Secretary General, Bioenergy Europe

   Into the blue: How ocean energy can work for Europe
by Rémi Gruet, CEO, Ocean Energy Europe

   Financing the Renovation Wave of the European Green Deal
by Adrian Joyce, Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign

   An integrated and systemic approach to accelerating retrofit rates in global building stocks
by Remon Zakaria and Alex Hadzhiivanov, EBRD

...and much more...

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