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Contents                                  Winter 2018 European Energy Innovation  3


8 The future role of gas                  44 Getting to 1.5 degrees               8
     Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt,         Lily Riahi, Global Lead District   20
     Director for the Internal Energy          Energy in Cities Initiative,       48
     Market, DG ENER, European                 UN Environment                     65
                                          48 EMEC Clean energy from the
12 A Clean Planet for all? Energy              ocean
     poverty and decarbonising                 Neil Kermode, Managing Director,
     Europe’s economy                          European Marine Energy Centre,
     Pierre Jean Coulon, President &           Orkney Islands, Scotland
     Kristian Krieger, Policy Officer
     Energy Section Transport, Energy,    54 Hydrogen and fuel cell
     Infrastructure, Information               technologies: Europe and
     Society of the European                   Germany reach milestones
     Economic and Social Committee             Thorsten Herbert, NOW GmbH

16 Social innovation in energy,           58 Fuel cell and hydrogen technology
     implications for Smart                    promises a greener world for all
     Specialisation                            Bart Biebuyck, Executive
     Javier Gómez Prieto, Scientific           Director, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
     Officer Smart Specialisation,             Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)
     Joint Research Centre,
     European Commission                  61 Decarbonisation of heat in
                                               Europe: implications for natural
20 Indoor Environmental Quality:               gas demand
     towards healthier buildings for the       Dr Anouk Honore, Senior
     occupants                                 Research Fellow, Natural Gas
     Roberta D’Angiolella, Buildings           Research Programme, Oxford
     Performance Institute Europe,             Institute for Energy Studies
                                          65 Social sustainability is a must
28 Realising the clean energy                  Daniela Setton, Senior Research
     revolution in the existing building       Associate, Institute for
     stock                                     Advanced Sustainability Studies
     Stijn Verbeke, Senior                     (IASS) Potsdam, Germany
     Researcher at the EnergyVille/
     VITO Research Institute              68 “Home grown” problems of the
     on Sustainable Energy and                 German energy transition
     Intelligent Energy Systems                Dr. Angelika Niebler, MEP

32 What consequences for increasing       70 dena Study – Integrated energy
     levies on electricity?                    transition
     Sébastien Doligé, Senior                  Deutsche Energie-Agentur
     Advisor Markets & Customers,              GmbH (dena)
                                          72	 Energy	efficient	buildings	
36 Driving the technology innovation           technology in Germany
     agenda through cooperation                Dr.-ing. Benjamin Krick, Passive
     Christiane Egger,                         House Institute Darmstadt,
     OÖ Energiesparverband                     Germany

40 Heating just got cool
     Federica Sabbati,
     Secretary General,
     European Heating Industry
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